Thursday, February 1, 2007

Maple Falls - March 2006

Maple Falls Nicene Marks
9 miles - 600 foot elevation gain
Josephine, Graciela, Julie

After the success of the Berry Creek Falls hike we decided to do Maple Falls in Nicene Marks. This was Graciela’s first hike with us. It was a beautiful adventurous hike with several stream crossings that got the heart pumping. I had been to Maple Falls several times before. The last ½ mile used to be a scramble, but then a trail had been established. Now it was back to a scramble crossing the creek many times. We almost gave up when we came across a huge mudslide with trees and stones. I climbed to the top and glimpsed the fall just ahead.

It is a sweet waterfall. Graciela and I stripped and got under the icy cold flow. Nothing is more life affirming than getting under a waterfall unless it is plunging into the ocean for the annual birthday plunge. Josephine was quite happy to sit and eat her lunch. We had a nice hike out. Jo and I stopped at the Brittania Arms in Aptos Village for our post hike celebratory drink.

Lesson Learned: Don’t give up; your goal may be right around the next mudslide.

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