Friday, February 9, 2007

Big Sur - September 2006

Soda Springs and Lower Buckeye Trail – Big Sur

3 miles, 750 feet elevation gain

Josephine, Julie

Jo and I did this hike while camping at Kirk Creek. This hike has some beautiful views of the coast from the bluffs. Then we descended down towards Salmon Creek Falls. The trail kept getting more and more overgrown with branches that you had to push through. We had lunch at Salmon Creek Falls – which was more of a trickle than a fall. Salmon Creek had lots of algae and was barely flowing.

We decided to hike back along Highway One rather than facing fighting our way back up through the jungle. There was a spectacular farm or complex with a swimming pool and outbuildings perched on the cliffs Walking against the traffic was a little scary – we had to carefully time a few of the narrow spots – but it gave you a different perspective than driving in a car. You still got great views of the coast.

Lesson Learned: Bring your clippers when hiking in Big Sur.

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