Thursday, February 1, 2007

Berry Creek Falls- January 2006

January 2006

Berry Creek Falls, Big Basin

12 miles round trip

Super Bowl Sunday

Josephine, Terri and Julie

This was the first hike of the year and we chose Super Bowl Sunday because we thought it wouldn’t be crowded on the trail. We were right. We hardly saw anyone the whole day. We wanted to start the year with waterfall hikes because there was a lot of rain that winter. Waterfalls have always been a power source for me. We had all done the Berry Creek Fall hike before, but the creeks were running full and the falls were really flowing.

Golden Falls was beautiful – the trail descended right next to the falls with steps cut into the stone. It was a little scary being that close to the falls on the slippery steps. We had the platform at Berry Creek Falls all to ourselves – which is almost unheard of.

The hike out is where you hit your elevation. A bit of a long haul. There was a movie crew filming some movie – but there were movie trailers and activity when we got back to the parking lot.

We stopped at the Mexican Restaurant (used to be Adelitas) on the river in Boulder Creek for our post hike drink and dinner. It was a great way to start the year.

Lesson Learned: Super Bowl Sunday is a great day to hike.

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